All my bracelets feature sterling silver or gold-filled clasps and high quality beads. Yes, you could run to mall and buy something mass produced, but nothing compares to the joy of something hand-made (ok, maybe a Mercedes 450SL!). Plus, you can't beat the feel of real silver or the beauty of these hand-picked beads.

    My bracelets feature:

  • Sterling silver or gold-filled clasps

  • Sterling silver or gold-filled accent beads, some from Bali, some from the Hill Tribes. Hill Tribe silver has a higher silver content, which gives it a special sheen and won't tarnish as easily.

  • Customizable sizes - 7 1/2 inches is standard, but I can make them bigger or smaller at no additional charge

  • Available in "Classic" or "Funky" styles

  • Matching necklaces and/or earrings available - if you don't see it, just ask!

  • Click on the link below to view the gallery
Bracelet Gallery