You can never have too many! From furnace glass to individually made lampworked beads, I've looked high and low to bring you these fun and funky earrings. The photos don't do them justice - you have to see them for yourself!

    My earrings feature:

  • Sterling silver or gold-filled wire work

  • Sterling silver or gold-filled ear wires

  • Sterling silver or gold-filled accent beads, some from Bali, some from the Hill Tribes

  • Hill Tribe silver has a higher silver content, which gives it a special sheen and won't tarnish as easily.

  • A wide variety of colors - if you see a style you like, but not the right color, just ask! I'd be happy to customize a pair for you at no additional charge.

  • Available in "Classic" or "Funky" styles

  • Matching bracelets and/or necklaces available

  • Click on the link below to view the gallery
Earring Gallery